Architectural Engineering

The design of a building either for renovations or new construction comes with many challenges that architectural engineering firms must overcome. In some cases, a project calls for a skill set outside of the firm’s expertise and they must reach out to a trusted network of consultants, vendors, and manufacturer’s for assistance.

Bastion Security Group provides A/E firms with security, technology, and communications systems design and consulting. These services offer firms new capabilities through subcontracting and lower overhead costs than hiring in-house designers.


Our philosophy of Peace of Mind Through Holistic Design is based on considering the overall project, the stakeholder’s business

operations, environmental and demographic factors, and other factors that can affect the overall safety and security of a business. We pride ourselves on reducing conservative designs based through risk assessments maximizing the effectiveness of the system and reducing the overall construction and maintenance cost without sacrificing the protective elements of a system.


From our combined experience in architectural engineering firms we understand common problems that arise in a project like scope creep, delays and change orders, and put a high emphasis on creating high quality design documents to mitigate these negative impacts on the project.

If you or your firm has a project that requires security, technology, or communications design elements, please consider Bastion Security Group as your design consultant of choice.

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