Security Services

Physical Security Assessments

We preform a comprehensive study of your existing facility starting from the point of demarcation usually public domain and work inward. We then provide a detail report of existing vulnerabilities with recommendations to protect, prevent, or mitigate threats associated with those vulnerabilities.

Security System Design

We will work with you to design an efficient security system that meets the needs of your business. As an independent consultant we pride ourselves on providing unbiased design services. We do not make any profits from sales of cameras or other devices so you know you won't get anything  more than you need. 

Security RFP Preperation

Creating a request for proposal can be difficult. We offer RFP preparation services to find the right contractor and integrator for you. The RFP is essential for the contractor to bid on a project accurately. Details missed in the RFP writing process will be additional costs later on in the project. Use our experience to develop an accurate document to represent the work you would like to bid.

Security Proposal Review

If selecting another firm to design the system, we can review your proposal before you make it open to offers. We can review your proposal or assist you in writing it to attract integrators and designers. Our goal is to provide a clear and concise document so that the design firm can provide exactly what the client intended.

Security Design Review

We offer the development of security drawings for new buildings, renovations, or new systems. Architects sometimes overlook very important security issues in the design of a new building and consultants usually become involved when it is too late to make changes. Therefore, we have to create polices and procedures, or include additional devices to make up for the lack of security in the initial design. Get us involved early on to provide these design assist services.

Policies and Procedures

In the past several years companies have been required to include taking actions against office violence in their health and safety plans or another document. Office violence is the most common security event that happens at a workplace. These policies are also recommended to be updated annually. Give yourself peace of mind that your employees know exactly what to do in a situation if it comes to that.

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