Why Choose Us?


We have a wide area of experience in areas of manufacturing, education, retail, hospitality, research, and more. This allows us to use our combined knowledge to think outside of industry standards and utilized unique solutions.


We strive to maintain our standard of professional excellence among our peers and providing our clients with top notch professional services. We are not happy with our work until the client is satisfied.

Design Technology

We primarily use Autodesk Revit for our designs. Using Revit allows us to convey our designs within the 3D environment. Its hard to explain a what a video surveillance camera can capture and Revit allows us to use 3D views of the field of view as well as sections, and target views. 

Continuing Education

We attend continuing education courses and events often and participate in industry organizations. This allows us to stay on top of current trends, industry regulations, and best practices.

Pro Bono Consulting

Pro bono consulting for non-profit organizations in need. We make an effort each year to help needy non-profit organizations in the Detroit metro area and Windsor Ontario.

Contact Us

402 S. Lafayette Ave. Ste 112 Royal Oak, MI 48076

Phone 1.248.368.9640


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