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 “Building is about getting around the obstacles that are presented to you.”

-Jeremy Renner


Construction sites pose unique challenges for Constriction Managers and General Contractors. Shorter deadlines, shrinking budgets, and scope creep can create delays and cause additional problems within an already complicated construction project. As a CM or GC you likely don't have the time, or resources within your team to manage security guards, or implement temporary security systems. Bastion Security Group can create a security program for your site including if deemed necessary a implementing a temporary security system.

On large scale projects involving the installation of complex security systems CM's trust their designers, the manufacturer, or integrator to give them a fair price, with a system that fits the scope of work with little oversight. Retaining a Security Design or ICT design professional on your team is good way to ensure that the system meets the owner's requirements and is cost effective. Bastion Security Group can act as an independent reviewer or as a Project Manager for these systems.


Construction sites are home to a large mobile construction equipment and several smaller tools needed to construct the project. Cranes, front-end loaders, bulldozers, and excavators pose a risk of theft on the site especially if they are easy to access.

Small tools, power tools, and other equipment are targets of thieves and if not controlled may become subject to internal theft. A proper asset management system should be put in place to track the possession of these tools and equipment to avoid losses.


Security and ICT systems can be complicated systems to those without experience with them. As a CM or GC you normally trust the design of these systems to the owner directly or a third party designer, manufacturer, or integrator. This can be a great relationship, however some companies take advantage of the skills gap and overcharge or over design to make more money from their contract at the expense of the CM or GC.

Many designers will over design a system to ensure they meet their scope of work. They typically don't have impact form the cost of construction and value engineering is not their main priority. As an Independent Reviewer we can help ensure that the scope of work is met and remains cost efficient.


Large construction projects require full-time superintendents that oversea various portions of the project with field engineers and other professional managing on the ground. A Project Manager can be an excellent addition to your team to manage the planning, design, installation, and implementation of your Security and ICT systems. We offer Project Management services on an as needed, part-time, or full-time basis as required by your team.


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