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We provide independent security design services for businesses and organizations looking for a optimized design. At the end of the day a security system’s purpose is to deter and detect crime not to turn your business into a prison.


Our holistic design philosophy considers all aspects of the business including operations, physical layout, and company culture. Rest assured your new system will be minimally obtrusive and seamless in function to provide a high level of security for your employees, customers, and visitors alike.

Security System Schematic Drawings

Security Risk Assessments

Not looking for a new security system or do you want better understand your risk? We perform security risk assessments of businesses and conceptual assessments during the design phase.


We will visit the site and perform interviews with key personnel and select employees, walk the site and observe the business’s operations cycle. We also review any existing drawings and documentation along with the physical infrastructure already in place and may include an exterior lighting study.


At the end of the survey we create a report detailing our findings along with recommendations based on experience and security industry best practices.

Civil Engineer Surveying


Security upgrades can be expensive and that’s why it is important for large entities to have a master plan. Master planning is developing a strategy and projection of what systems will need upgrades and when along with other security program related costs. Master planning allows the business to plan for these expenses over the life cycle of the existing systems.

University Campus


Many businesses do not have the budget to operate a security department or may only utilize a security guard company to handle their needs while others may be overwhelmed with daily responsibilities or may not have experience in technical security matters.

We offer security management consulting for companies who wish to improve the efficiency and performance of their security programs and departments through objective reviews. We then advise businesses on a path forward and can plan and implement changes hand-in-hand with our clients.

Our consulting services are not meant to undermine an existing security department or the security professionals who run these programs, but to assist in augmenting the existing program and helping gain buy-in from senior management who may require an external recommendation.

This service is unique and is handled on a case by case basis. For more information on specific projects please contact us for a free consultation.

Man writing report


Security system installations can be very complex and require a dedicated project manager. Whether assisting your team or acting as the owner's representative, Bastion Security Group LLC. can manage the installation of your new security system for you. We are experienced in managing projects from the planning phase through commissioning and turn over to ensure minimal unforeseen costs and schedule impacts.

Construction Site
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