“Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.”
-Claire Fagan



Kindergarten through 12th grade are the formative years in every child’s life that prepares them for adulthood, college, and the workforce. Giving them the tools to succeed in these early years can mean the difference between success and failure.

The use of technology in the classroom such as laptops, sound reinforcement systems, smart boards and other devices all require supporting infrastructure. I.T networks are overburdened by the influx of new bandwidth needs of systems and many need upgrades to provide reliable connectivity.

School should be a place of learning and innovation, however it can sometimes be a place of tragedy and sadness.

The safety and security of students should be a top priority for all administrators, unfortunately budgets for public schools may not allow for a "top-of-the-line" system. Cost conscience administrators have to decide between spending money in various education departments like athletics, STEM, and others while still trying to find enough in the budget to provide a safe school.


Modern schools have adapted their traditional classroom environments to accept a number of technologies to improve comprehension among students. These innovative technologies provide better and more accessible education to all students and promotes engagement in the classroom.


Schools have changed a lot in the past 20-years with the decline of computer labs to the introduction of laptops and other devices in the classroom. These devices require a robust infrastructure to reliably transmit data back and forth. Learning technologies also rely on a robust network to ensure proper communications. Our ICT design services can help your school be ready for these changing technologies and required bandwidth that these new technologies need.


It is the job of educators to foster learning in a safe and comfortable environment. Students should feel safe without feeling like they go to school in a prison. There is delicate balance between security and privacy that has to be met when dealing with children of any age and K-12 students represent a vulnerable group. We utilize many strategies to protect these environments with result in minor obtrusion to daily life within a school. These systems improve physical security and give administrators the peace of mind that they are prepared.


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