The adjustable wrench analogy

An adjustable wrench is a good tool. It works in a pinch when you cannot find the specific size for the job. However, sometimes you need to get to a bolt in hard to reach place which requires a crow's foot or the wrench keeps slipping on a tight nut and you need a monkey wrench. Sometimes an adjustable wrench is not the right tool for the job. Just as a "one size fits all" security system does not work in every situation.

Recently I have seen companies offering a "one size fits all" burglar alarms especially in single family homes. The fact of the matter is that each situation has to be investigated whether it be a 3 bedroom 2 bath or a 1,000,000 sqft assembly plant. Each client has different concerns and each building presents it own challenges.

When selecting a company to either audit your home security or perform and in depth analysis of your business security system. Choose someone who looks at each job as a unique opportunity to provide the best solution for the client.

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